My family who travels often uses airplanes, but in the case of small airpo...

My family who travels often uses airplanes, but in the case of small airports, I will head for the boarding time. There is nothing exhausted as the waiting time at the airport where there are no fun spots. But, if it is a big airport, go ahead early and walk around and there are various shops, and even if you are looking at it, time will pass in no time. And then, I bought a lot of different souvenirs for myself. Now there are limited items of the airport and so on, the purchasing willingness is also appealing! And after all it's ""food""! It is! Although it is okay to enter the restaurant, I bought ""empty valves"" and eat it in the lobby, but somehow the person's eyes are bothering me, but it is still a little picnic fun and fun. Even such a bold thing can be done by ""traveling"", but even at overseas airports there is nothing like that. Instead, duty - free shops are waiting! But it is also one of the pleasures, and I look forward to seeing the shop and I am enjoying window shopping. There are also good deals such as sale items, and at that time I bought this one more. Nowadays, there are places where the airport seems to be a small department store, too. I also plan on going on a trip by the end of the year so I'm thinking of having a lot of fun at the local airport

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